Matriarch Rebekah

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This cut and hand painted artwork depicts Rebekah at the well where Isaac f

Size: 11 1/8" x 15 3/8"

"Rebekah, who was born to Bethuel, the son of Milcah the wife of Abraham's brother Nahor, came out with her jar on her shoulder." – B'reishit 24:24

Isaac has gone in search of a wife and he encounters the beautiful and kind Rebekah, who runs to bring him water after his long journey. She hastens to take care of his thirsty animals as well. Isaac sees that the LORD has led him to the woman who will become his wife.

Each one of these pieces is cut and then painted meticulously by hand while backed with hand painted papers. This is a one of a kind works. If there is a color palette you would prefer, please contact the artist and specify.

Price: $550.00

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