How does our Gift Finder work?

We want to make sure that the gift you choose matches the Torah portion or Haftarah passage that the celebrant will read. If the service is on Saturday morning, then our Gift Finder will find an appropriate gift.

But there are special rules if the service is in the afternoon. For most Orthodox and Conservative congregations, the Torah portion for a Saturday afternoon service is the beginning of the passage that will be read the following Saturday morning. In addition, Saturday afternoon services have no Haftarah readings. Our Gift Finder chooses gifts according to these traditions.

However, many Reform congregations choose to repeat the Torah and Haftarah portions from the morning service in the afternoon.

There are also readings specific to holiday services.

So, if you're not sure about which reading is the one your celebrant has been studying, please send Leah an email and she will be happy to help you choose an appropriate gift.