Family Tree - 9

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This family tree is lush in color and incorporates gold leaf and calligraphy.

Size: 20" x 22"

Starting at: $1800.00

"Let us sing the soul in every name and the name of ever soul, let us sing the soul in every name, the sacred name of every soul" - Marcia Falk

This is a laser cut family tree with a beautiful blessing calligraphed into the trunk. Accents of 23K gold throughout, as well as a hand painted background paper with gold accents, gives this family tree the feeling of an old illumination. The names cover 3 generations and flow from the center outward. The pomegranate atop has seeds cut out of the background paper and then backed in 23K gold leaf as well. The pomegranates throughout have gold accents, as do the outline of the leaves on which the family names have been written. The family's name in hebrew and english sit in the top archway on either side of the painted pomegranate at the top of the artwork. At the bottom of the piece there is a medallion with a meticulously painted peace dove.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece so please contact the artist if you have a special quote you'd like to use or a different color scheme.

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