LK162 - Ani V'Atah Laser Ketubah with birds

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Size: 20" x 27"
Starting at: $1450.00

This ketubah features a tree into which the words of YOU AND I by Israeli musician Arik Einstein are built in.

Pick a hand painted paper background created by the artist as well as a hand written text of your choice. In cases where the text is very short and only fills one side of the tree, bride and groom may have their hebrew (or transliterated) names create the shape of two birds flying to nest on the left side of the tree as shown in this picture. Once your form is submitted, you will be contacted and can discuss colors and personalization.

Here is the translation of those words:

You and I we'll change the world
you and I by then all will follow
Others have said it before me but
doesn't matter you and I we'll change the world.

You and I we'll try from the beginning
it will be tough for us, no matter, it's not too bad!
Others have said it before me but it
doesn't matter you and I we'll change the world.

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