Full Custom

Our custom Ketubah options, starting at $3,000, are endless. An in depth design meeting, in person or by video conference/email/phone will result in a sketch of your original Judaic Art Studio ketubah. Size and shape, imagery, colors, text(s) and mediums will be considered to reflect the aesthetic taste and content ideas which make each couple unique. This is a great opportunity to collaborate in creating a ketubah which you will enjoy for years, whether beginning life together or renewing prior vows.

K206K206Starting at $3,500.00Size: 20" x 26"
Starting at: $3500.00

This custom ketubah was shows this couple's immediate family tree at the unusually shaped top of the artwork. Grandparent's names are incorporated in the roots of the tree. The brick pathway leading around the ketubah text meets at the bottom where a special brick was engraved with the groom's proposal for the bride to discover at the Botanic Gardens. The groom's talented grandmother created a hand made chuppah for the couple's wedding and shared the design with me early on so that I could incorporate a part of it in the telling of this couple's unique story. Cut paper backed by a variety of textured and painted papers as well as finely painted details and the use of 12K white gold and 23K gold makes this a one of a kind piece whose story will always be remembered.
K46K46Starting at $3,000.00Size: 22" x 24" unframed

Price: starting at $3000.00

This ketubah attests to the world view of the couple to whom it belongs. Taking into account the big picture, their ketubah text is written across the backdrop of a view of earth, including a large amount of land mass where people live their lives. The trees on either side of the ketubah are delicately painted as if aged with a patina on bronze. These all sit upon the foundational "wall", painted to look like the Kotel in Jerusalem. Around this imagery, in space, float various Judaic symbols which are painted as if constellations and the sun and moon in the top corners are a metaphor for the life this couple pledges to spend together.
K65K65Starting at $3,500.00Size: 31 5/8" x 35" unframed

Price: starting at $3500.00

This two dimensional architectural doorway, reminiscent of an ornate holy ark, forms the framework for this ketubah. Designed to create a three dimensional look and with the use of only 3 colors of background paper along with the off white of the cutting, the details include a family tree and are symbolic of this couple's new home together.
K74K74Starting at $3,000.00 Size: 26 1/2" x 30 1/2" unframed

Price: starting at $3000.00

While the lengthy text which appears inside and around the two rings in the center is the focal point of this ketubah, the fantastical painted trees on either side, form a beautiful chuppah. The tree shows blossoms and fruits upon it, the sweetness of their life anticipated. A pleasing paper cut border is cut to frame the entire ketubah.
K97K97Starting at $4,000.00Size: 22 1/4" x 24 3/4" unframed

Price: starting at $4000.00

The text of this ketubah sits upon a moonlight night over Lake Michigan. Surrounding this imagery is an extremely detailed cut and painted frame of images dear to this couple, including the cities from which they each came, the place where they met, the place where they became engaged and a family tree attesting to their love of family.