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This ketubah combines paint, paper cutting and gold leaf.

Size: 24" x 31 1/2" unframed

Price: starting at $4000.00

Like and ornate oriental rug, this ketubah uses a "border within border" motif to create 3 distinct but harmonic areas of interest. The outside border, a painted paper cut which sits upon a rainbow roll background which takes you visually from day to night, features Jerusalem, pomegranates and grapes. Domes in the Jerusalem portion are gilded in 23K gold leaf.

The center border, is painted with delicate flowers and incorporates hebrew verses and a star of david against a cream colored background - the hebrew letters for the word chai, or life are in the center of this border. Moving inward to a graceful eastern shape is a paper cut of two trees joined at the top by two joined rings, gilded in 23K gold. The trees form a beautiful frame for the ketubah text.

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