Congregation Beth Shalom Donor Recognition Scrolls

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Congregation Beth Shalom Scrolls Display Case for first scroll.
Congregation Beth Shalom Scrolls Display Case for first scroll.

These two scrolls were designed to display names of donors to the Eastern European Torah Projects of Congregation Beth Shalom in Northbrook, Illinois. Each scroll is identified by its own page design with motifs related to Torah.

These were intricately designed by the artist and printed commercially on Tyvek for flexibility and durability. Both scrolls are kept on perpetual display and are rolled weekly to correspond with the current Torah portion. All entries were hand calligraphed and hand embellished on individual sheets listing donors with their appropriate books, portions or verses, then sewn together by the artist to create two large scrolls.

Eastern European Torah Project

Project contained:

Phase 1:
• Page Design
• Page Layout

Phase II:
• Printing of Pages
• Design & Production of Donor Recognition Certificate

Phase III:
• Calligraphy of Entries
• Sewing of Scrolls

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